Film Journal ‘Those terrific dancers who Vogued their way to brief stardom backing up Madonna are front and center in a warm and absorbing doc about their troupe and what went down post-Madge’

Slant Magazine ‘…Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan’s documentary is a cultural record of the highest importance, as it dares to give a serious treatment to presumably frivolous and feminine matters’

NY Times ‘Beyond the personal stories, the movie frames the tour and “Truth or Dare” as landmarks in the push for gay rights and awareness, and makes a convincing case’

LA Times ‘Strike a Pose gracefully reveals what happened to the dancers’

The New York Times ‘A must-see movie’

Indiewire ‘An uplifting survival tale’

Village Choice ‘Unusually tender and reflective’

Huffington Post ‘A cinematic love song to the exeptional men those handsome, talented boys have become’

The New York Times ‘A Vesuvius of emotion’ 

People Magazine ‘To inspire a whole new generation to express themselves’

i-D Vice ‘Zwaan and Gould excel at building a safe space where the dancers can share their stories so others may not feel so alone’

The Hollywood Reporter ‘Resilience and spirit come through strongly in footage of the men striking a pose again now’

Huffington Post ‘A perfect love song’

The Independent ‘The dancers are acknowledged to have had a considerable influence on gay culture’

Yahoo! News ‘The famed backup dancers who taught millions what it meant to ‘vogue’, take center stage’

BBC ‘Vogue on: Madonna’s dancers take the limelight’