Prizes & Awards

Strike a Pose was nominated several times and has won the following prizes and awards in 2016 and 2017. It means – for us – that the documentary has touched many people’s hearts and souls. That’s why we are proud to mention our:


2nd Place Audience Award at the Berlinale (2016) in Germany

Jury Award for Best Documentary at Out Film Connecticut (2016) in the USA

Audience Award at Damn These Heels LGBT Film Festival (2016) in the USA

Audience Award at Mix Copenhagen (2016) in Denmark

Kristallen Film Netherlands Film Fund Award for 10.000+ visitors in Dutch cinemas

Audience Award at Perlen Queer FF Hannover (2016) in Germany

Best LGBT Film Award at Key West Film Festival (2016) in the USA

Best Documentary Award at Queer Filma Merlinka (2016) in Serbia

Dutch Film Critics Association (KWF) Top 3 Best Dutch Films of 2016

Cineville Top 10 Best Films of 2016

Volkskrant Top 3 Best Dutch Films of 2016

The Advocate Best LGBTQ Films of 2016

Best Documentary Award at Desperado LGBT Film Festival Phoenix (2017) in the USA

Gold Award at the Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards (2017) in the USA

ZKB Audience Award at Pink Apple Film Festival (2017) in Switzerland

Audience Award I Festival de Cine LGBTIQ (2017) in Spain

Queerties 2017 Nominated for Best Documentary (2017) in the USA

Dutch Directors Guild Awards 2017 Nominated for Best Documentary